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Moving forward... From SoundCloud to IBM.

No technical blog post this time, but I also love to share feelings and sensations, and in this case I want to announce that I will be collaborating with IBM as a Developer Advocate.

What does that mean then? Long story short: this is a new team being created in Germany which its main goal is to research and share material around Cognitive Computing, Internet of Things and other cutting edge technologies.

My role

First of all I’m more committed than ever to the Community. So nothing is going to change: I am more than glad to continue attending events, sharing and giving talks related to lessons learned and knowledge as part of my job. So do not hesitate to invite me! I will also participate more actively on open source projects and of course I will continue doing one of my passions: mobile development (mainly android).



This is not easy to answer, but I will do my best. At SoundCloud I used to be a Mobile Core Engineer, which means I was working on infrastracture code (things that affect the entire application) and libraries which were used by feature teams.

It was product related and we had a fixed strategy/roadmap and product backlog belonging to the team. Being in touch with the community and doing open source was not my main role: please do not get me wrong, I always had support from the company, which is a plus one, and from my perspective, one of the best places with the smartest and nicest people I have ever worked with. I am so grateful!.

On the other hand, at IBM the idea is to do research in the fields mentioned above, and share that knowledge through technical articles, conferences and code samples, thus, creating relationships with developers. With that being said, my decision was more a matter of new challenges and a bit of a career path change (trying new things is something I always encourage everyone to do).

The Future

Of course it is unpredictable: I do not know whether I will like it or not until I start doing my job. There are many challenges on the way, plus I was never part of such a big company, but I have to say, I’m very positive, and of course I will put all my effort in order to do my best. I will definitely keep you posted!


In this paragraph I want to spit out a BIG THANK YOU to all the people supporting my decision plus all of you who contacted and wanted to work with me. Let me also say that I’m not closing any door here, since I’m open to help in any way I can, so again, do not hesitate to ping me via Twitter, Github, Instagram, Facebook.

Sharing knowledge, experiences and exchanging ideas is something I will NOT STOP DOING, no matters what. See you around!