About Me

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”

Who I am

It is always tough to describe yourself, isn’t it? Anyway, I consider myself a nerdy geek let’s say, and a strong believer of sharing in all senses. That is why this Website exists actually.

What I do/have done

Currently I am working as a Head of Engineering (previously Director of Mobile). This has been a role switch in the last few years, getting into a more strategic position by helping companies and teams to develop themselves, to be more productive and reach out their goals.


In the last 15 years I worked as a Core Engineer and Tech Lead mainly focused on Mobile Development but with a full-stack mindset as well. I also had the opportunity to wear the hat of an Engineer Manager since I love solving people’s problems, helping them to develop both career and life, and keeping teams motivated without losing entirely the technical side of things.

Part of my career includes a Developer Advocate (Developer Relations) position, which led me to speak at conferences and spread and share knowledge through open source, communities and blog posts.

In the very beginning of my career I started as a developer and later converted to an agile coach. I created a bunch of start-ups too which gave me a lot of lessons learned that I’m sharing here.

I think that summarizes a bit what I have done so far. Time flies by!

My Resume/CV

In case you will be looking for more details about my work, you can do that by accessing and/or downloading my Resume/CV.

How to approach me

Being social and helping in any way I can, is one the things I like and enjoy the most!. You can find me here:

Get to know me a bit more

Do not hesitate to reach out to me in any of the social links in this site. But as an extra ball, if you want to know even a bit more about how I am and what I do, here are a couple of interviews I have done, where I talk about both personal and professional life:




Help and Support

If you need help, please one more time, don’t be shy and drop me a line, I’m more than happy to establish a connection/conversation. Thanks for visiting!!!